Mapledene Primary School
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Sheldon Community Church



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At SCC, our praise and worship of God in dynamic and lively. Our worship band's sole aim is worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ - our Saviour, Redeemer and Friend - with all our hearts, soul and mind.  Our prayer is that our worship becomes contageous and encourages believers to worship the Lord "in spirit and in truth".

Worship reflects our relationship with God, and we all want that closer walk with God, to experience His power, His personal touch, in our lives.  The power of praise and worship is key to experiencing the supernatural demonstration of God's power in our services.  Just read 2 Chronicles 20 v1-30 to see the effects it can have!!

Our vision is to experience the presence of God in all our services, & more importantly,  press further and see the glory of God fall in our midst, as we read in 2 Chronicles 5 v13. We truly believe that God will save, deliver and heal in our worship.


Praise, Worship & the Word of God


Hope Shop Manager

“SCC is a place where all of my family are welcome! My youngest and myself can meet other mums and babies at Baby Café. My older boys love Jam and Jam+, and the Sunday service has something for everyone. I love worshipping at SCC!”



Worship Group

“I remember the very first time I came to Sheldon Community Church. Even though we meet in a school hall, the presence of God was tangible. Everybody is friendly and welcoming. I love being a part of a church that shows Jesus' love so well..”



The SCC messages from a Sunday morning can now be found on DropBox via the play button


                                 The Bible (the Word of God) is the spiritual food and energy source of every born-again Christian believer. It is therefore vital that we have as good a knowledge and understanding of the Word of God as possible, as well as a personal and intimate relationship with its Inspirer, so we are able to effectively apply its wisdom to our daily lives.

SCC has a clear structured program for new Christians to progress in their faith, which has 3 clear stages (A-B-C).

The first of these is the widely acclaimed Alpha Course. The Alpha has proved to be a fantastic means of introducing both people outside the church and new believers to theChristian faith. The 9-week course sets out to answer questions like "Is Christianity boring, irrelevant and untrue?", "Who is Jesus?", "Why did Jesus die ?", "Does God heal today?", and many, many other issues. The course itself is held in a very informal atmosphere, starting with light refreshments and a chat, then a short topical talk, after which there is an open questions and answers session.

The second stage is a new Believers Group which new Christians will be encouraged to attend. This essentially teaches the fundamentals of the Christian faith, again in a very informal and relaxed environment. Participants are encouraged to contribute and feedback to ensure that the course not only educates and informs, but allows any burning questions to be addressed.

The final step of the three-stage process is the Commitment Group, where candidates become familiar with all aspects of the Church's vision and the part they can play in accomplishing it. After completion of the Commitment Group, they will have the option of becoming church partners.